Ambush Worm


[Next] time you’re about to take damage from another hero’s combo, deal 9 damage to that hero.



The damage from Ambush Worm triggers before you take the damage from the combo, and Ambush Worm then expires.
You and your enemy are both on 9 health. Your enemy hits you with {Electrified Deluge}, a combo that deals 12 damage. As you’re about to take the damage, Ambush Worm triggers and deals 9 damage to your enemy. This brings them to 0 health. However, because they are the acting player, their card still plays out before they are removed. You then take 12 damage, which brings you to 0, and you’re defeated. Your enemy gains 1 Victory Point, but doesn’t get any healing as they are on 0 health, and they are then defeated (after you).
You and your target are both on 5 health. You have Ambush Worm in play and they have the combo buff {Mine Field} in play (it deals 6 damage to the attacker, and 1 to the owner, when they get attacked).

You attack your target with a {Flame Bat} (5 damage). Before {Flame Bat} plays outs its effect, {Mine Field} responds to getting attacked. It is about to deal 6 damage back to you, but because it’s a combo, it triggers your Ambush Worm before you take the 6 damage. The 9 damage from the Ambush Worm brings your target to 0, defeating them. Because your target is not the acting player, they are immediately removed from the game, and all remaining effects are ignored, meaning you don’t end up taking any damage from {Mine Field}. 


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Foil, Normal



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