Automatic Avenger


This card can only be [Played] if another hero [Removed] one of your buffs since your last turn.
Deal X damage to those heroes.
X healing.



If none of your buffs have been ‘Removed’ since your last turn, you can’t play this card. They must have been explicitly ‘Removed’; ‘Expired’ or ‘Returned’ would not be enough.

For example, having a buff ‘Removed’ by a {Shadow Puppet} would let you play this card. Having a buff ‘Returned’ by {Warp Toad} would not.
If multiple players ‘Removed’ buffs from you since your last turn, they all end up taking damage.
The buff “remembers” who removed the buffs that allowed you to play it, and that player (or those players, if multiple players removed buffs from you) receives the damage turn on turn.

For example, let’s say we have a 3-player game; you, your target, and your enemy. You have three buffs in play. Your target plays a {Shadow Puppet} to remove two of them. Then it’s your enemy’s turn, and they play a {Crystal Leech} to remove the last one.

It then comes around to your turn. You play your Automatic Avenger (which you are allowed to do because you’ve had one or more of your buffs removed since your last turn). It enters play and now looks at “who removed buffs to allow this card to be played?” In this case, it was both your target and your enemy, so they both end up taking 2 damage each, and you get 2 healing.

On your next turn, Automatic Avenger rotates, dealing another 2 damage to each player that originally allowed it to be played (in this case, your target and your enemy), and 2 healing for you.

On the turn after that, it moves onto its third and last corner, dealing another 2 damage to your target and enemy, and heals you for 2. You then play {Fountain of Time} to ‘Rotate’ it two steps backward; it goes across one 2 and lands on the first 2, for a total of 4 damage to your target and enemy, and a total of 4 healing to you. On your next turns, it will keep rotating and keep applying damage to the same original recipients.  


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